C // Creative small leather goods

C is the last leather goods brand we fall in love with.  Their Collection is simply amazing and the story is beautiful.


 This parisian Creative design and fashion studio specialized in small leather goods will be make you travel in a particular universe mixing Child’s play, daydream, party and fun.


C is made with love in Paris
C is in limited edition
C is entirely handmade


C brings you happiness to wear around your neck with the envy for its two designers, Heidi and Hannah, to breath new life in luxuous leathers making Clear sense. Two artistic talents, two nationalities, two languages and two personalities. First friends in holiday, then ten years later, forever friends. This is how C was born.


C tiny pouches become real Charms, a lucky charm to bring everywhere, on or off your clothes. You can put what you want inside, a bit of love, scents, memory or only utility.
Three different sizes for C products :
C ma chance ( my luck)
  • Real utility : can contain an electronic chip, a token, a ring, a small perfume…
  • Spiritual utility : can contain a lucky charm, a note, confetti…
Collier C ma Chance

Collier C ma Chance

C mon coeur (my heart)
  • Real utility : can contain a subway ticket, a bill, a flash drive…
  • Spiritual utility : can contain a love note, a hair strand, a flower…
Collier C mon Coeur

Collier C mon Coeur

C ma carte (my card)
  • Real utility : can contain a credit card, a business card, an ID, a drive licence…
  • Spiritual utility : can contain a picture, une letter, un block note…


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We met Heidi and Hannah, read the FOCUS.