CHLOÉ BONNARD // Extraordinary photographer

Today we present an extraordinary artist: Chloé Bonnard. An atypical artist since this photographer flirts with fashion, Paris, graphics and art direction.

Chloé Bonnard is a veritable palette of colors all by herself. Not only is she the co-founder and artistic director of the fabulous webzine and project Les Nanas d’Paname alongside Aurélie Martin, Amandine Fornot and Emmanuelle Pelloux, but she is also a photographer whose trademark is immediately recognizable.

Her portrait work highlights women and their multiple facets.

Here are some excerpts from the beautiful collaborations of Chloé Bonnard:

The result of our meeting, our focus on Chloé Bonnard, can be viewed here. She will tell you all about her upcoming projects and her career.

On the web :