CLAIRE NICOLET // Urban and colorful

After studies in graphic design Claire Nicolet graduated from les Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2015. First passionate about engraving, drawings are today the art form that drives her artistic life.

The artist proposes a set of 22 paintings on wood for the series dedans-dehors-au travers. Geometric lines, bright colors and sharp lines give the sensation of diving in the drawings.

La comédie française, dans le 18ème

© Claire Nicolet, la comédie française, dans le 18ème



A big city like Paris is a huge source of inspiration: the urban space becomes a place of observation where architecture takes an essential place. Claire Nicolet in her creative process, observe the city and reflects her Parisian’s escapades in her drawings.

Bibliothèque des Beaux-Arts

© Claire Nicolet, bibliothèque des Beaux-Arts

In everyday life, I collect what challenges me, what emerges on the way: space, architecture, weather, words, fleeting thoughts, music, objects, quotes from famous people, quotes from friends, strangers, areas of nothing …

Avenue Jaurès sur rue Lepic - Claire Nicolet

© Claire Nicolet, avenue Jaurès sur rue Lepic









Next spring Claire Nicolet will be in residence in Tunis: a new city, a new urban area and new aspirations and creations. We invite you to read her FOCUS to learn more about her.