CROSSOVER // Nathalie Harvey shows her work and herself

Last Thursday we were at the opening of the Obrose Gallery’s latest exhibition: Crossover. Nathalie Harvey not only exhibits her work but also the work of other artists she loves.

Under the name Crossover, we discover styles as varied as crossover, transition, permutation, re-interpretation or superimposition… So crossover includes a multitude of techniques that Nathalie Harvey wanted to highlight through the artistic encounter of several different personalities whose works present similar patterns or, on the contrary some completely opposite aspects.

As a starting point, Nathalie Harvey takes back crafts techniques, she then invites different artists to experiment on this theme but also to play with one another with movements of variations, quotations and returns.

How do you take back someone else’s style or subject? What constitute an artist’s point of view? And how do you move it to new horizons, for play purposes as well as curiosity?

Poline Harbali, Dune Varela, Cyril Le Van, Nadia Yosmayan, Julien Des Monstiers, Régis-Ret and Nathalie Harvey all tried it out. They came up with a path at the crossroad of their worlds by imagining all sorts of pure creations that the Obrose Gallery shows until June 20, 2015.

We’d like to show you a little sample of Nathalie Harvey’s work. She agreed to a very nice FOCUS:

Fucking Lovely ©Nathalie Harvey

Sticky OK Opt ©Nathalie Harvey

Sticky Fingers ©Nathalie Harvey

Less is more ©Nathalie Harvey

Practical info: OBROSE 11 rue Saint Bernard, 75011 Paris

On the web :