DRISS KETTANI // Maroc et architecture moderne

A key figure in  Moroccan architectural landscape, Driss Kettani was graduated from the National School of Architecture in Rabat in 2003. Two years later he founded his agency of the same name. And in 2006, his architecture firm became internationally known when he won the competition of the Polydisciplinary Faculty of Taroudant, a town in the South West of Morocco, with his partners and close friends Saad El Kabbaj and Mohamed Amine Siana. This same trio also creates the Ecole Supérieure de Technologie of Guelmim in 2011. These two projects are published in the most important international architecture magazines and the general public have been able to discover models and photographs in Paris, Venice, Milan and New York .

Each of his  projects follows a real reflection about the place, the culture and the inhabitants or future visitors,  users. Modernity combined with a touch of contemporary art is a central component of Driss Kettani‘sworks, an architect whose creativity and sense of it are essential.

Not only  the architectural lines are rigorous but they also offer a sensible dimension maybe a poetic point of view to architecture. Through the work of Driss Kettani we slip into a setting where the warm colors aspire to serenity and where large spaces automatically lead you to reflection and open your mind  to creativity. The Moroccan origins of Driss Kettani are anchored  in each of his projects, the roofs are flat, the white, the ocher or the pigment earth always dominating his creations.

 Driss Kettani regularly writes for architectural magazines and lectures in Morocco, Lebanon and Europe, notably in France and Italy. Founding member of the association “Architectes Non Anonymes“, he is actively promoting the upgrading of architecture on the Moroccan cultural scene with the desire to make it known internationally.

Villa Agava Casablanca 2016 – Landscape architect: Atelier Bertrand Houin  – Area: 450 m² – Project owner: Private
Photographers: Fernando Guerra – FG + SG

Ecole Supérieure Technologique de Guelmim – in association with  Saad El Kabbaj & Mohamed Amine Siana  – 2011 – Area : 6883 m² – Project owner : Université Ibn Zohr d’Agadir
Photographers : Fernando Guerra – FG + SG

Faculté Polydisciplinaire de Taroudant – in association with Saad El Kabbaj & Mohamed Amine Siana  – 2010  – Area: 20511 m² – Project owner : Université Ibn Zohr d’Agadir – Project owner  : Compagnie Générale Immobilière
Photographers : Fernando Guerra – FG + SG