ELI GRITA // Accessories & Light box

It is the new Eli Grita collection of accessories by artist Julia Grita that we are pleased to introduce to you on this beautiful sunny day.

Named Boîte à Lumière in reference to these 80s wild nights, you will find in the Fall-Winter Eli Grita collection some leather, sequins and very bright colors. For the graphics, don’t look any further; they are inspired by Tarot cards, a divinatory art where each card has its own character. Up to you to find your very own.

Not only is the design original and sophisticated but it also surprises you with details such as removable and interchangeable flaps, on all Eli Grita handbags as well as on clutches.

So, are you rather Empress or Wonder Woman?

We have already picked ours…

©Eli Grita

©Eli Grita

©Eli Grita

Find Julia Grita’s pretty focus here.

On the web : http://www.eligrita-art.com