ESCAPE IN MILAN // 7 favourite tips

  • The Prada Foundation

A true cultural institution since its launch in 1993, the Prada Foundation is one of the essential places to visit in Milan. Located in one of the old industrial areas of the city, within Largo Isarco, the Prada Foundation has taken up residence in a former gin distillery launched in 1910. Its entire renovation has been entrusted to the Italian architectural studio OMA and to its creative design lab AMO, led by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. Attached to the Prada house’s history, this same team regularly contributes to the artistic direction of the brand’s fashion shows in Milan.

Fondazione Prada, 2022 ©theothersight

For almost twenty years, the Prada Foundation has continued to develop creative projects combining the young world art scene and the contribution of artists, directors and designers already well known to the general public, including Jean-Luc Godard, Steve McQueen and also Louise Bourgeois. With always the desire to learn about the current world from an artistic point of view combining architecture, plastic arts, literature, philosophy, cinema and music.

The Useless Bodies project ? is certainly the most impressive part of the exhibitions currently presented at the Prada Foundation. The artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset have placed the human being at the center of their research. At a time of automation by work machines, at a time of digital and during a pandemic where the human body has presented a global vulnerability sparing no country in its path. The human body had to adapt, to relearn how to evolve in a redesigned space suspended in time.

Useless bodies ? Elmgreen & Dragset, 2022 ©theothersight
Useless bodies ? Elmgreen & Dragset, 2022 ©theothersight
Useless bodies ? Elmgreen & Dragset, 2022 ©theothersight

An abandoned cooler box, an empty swimming pool, a deserted open space, a body in the morgue, Greco-Roman and figurative sculptures questioning masculinity today and in the past in the middle of a floating atmosphere. Wondering also the place for emotions around dreams, loneliness, isolation or even fear. The connection between the sculptures let space for the visitor’s imagination.

Don’t forget go on the roof top of the Torre restaurant, the newest of the seven buildings of this very beautiful urban structure and to admire a 180 degree view of Milan. It takes a full afternoon for this visit, taking your time, some small rooms are open with a waiting list and with a special schedule time.


Fondazione Prada, Largo Isarco, 20139 Milan, Italy

Open everyday except on Tuesday, from 10am to 7pm

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  • Bar Luce

A complete change of scene with the Bar Luce and a successful bet for the Texan director Wes Andersen who signs here the artistic direction and the design of this bar and restaurant, located in the heart of the Prada Foundation. All the codes of traditional Italian bars are there and Wes Anderson’s creativity explodes: a colorful terrazzo floor straight from Verona, trompe l’oeil on the walls and a ceiling decorated with moldings paying homage to the famous Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel II. The same linking La Scala theater to the Duomo square. An emblematic place in Milan. Who says Wes Anderson says a trip to the 50s and 60s as well as a palette of soft and tangy colors and an unlimited imagination that we can find in his movies.

Bar Luce, 2022 ©theothersight

Aesthetics is everywhere, from the waitresses’ moccasins to the desserts that one would almost want to devour simply and already with just one look, passing through simple and polished furniture. Open your eyes and take the time to observe each detail. It’s a childhood dream which came true for Wes Anderson who could have aspired to a career as an architect, the latter thought of this place as a refuge in which he could write, write and still write his next film and whose inspiration refers to the short – film Castello Calvacanti made the same year for Prada, in 2015.

Bar Luce, 2022 ©theothersight

We love the homemade ice creams, the original bruschettas recipes and the desserts presented in the window like true works of art.


Bar Luce, Largo Isarco, 20139 Milan, Italy

Open everyday except on Tuesday, from 08.30am to 7.30pm

Open Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 8pm

  • Luca & Andrea

Located along the Naviglio Grande canal, this restaurant and bar could look common at the first sight. Quiet during the day, it turns into a real wine bar in the evening. An unpretentious menu for tasty typical Italian dishes: the Milanese risotto (with saffron), the unmissable Milanese escalope and the ossobuco are safe choices. A place where it’s good to daydream on the terrace during the day and at night with a Spritz or a glass of wine in hand. A rather festive atmosphere in the evening.

Luca&Andrea restaurant, 2022 ©theothersight


Luca & Andrea, Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 34, 20144 Milano, Italy

Open everyday except on Wednesday from 8pm to 2 am

  • Tearose

Impossible to not have a look at the impressive windows of this concept store with its baroque and flowery design. Designed as a showcase on three levels, you will find classic international brands such as Dyptique, Acne Studios or even Hay on the design side, but also more confidential Italian brands including the famous Venetian house Vibi Venezia, which signs the traditional velvet ballerina that the we see at the feet of all Italians at the forefront of trends and fashion. Detail even more obvious during the Milan Fashion Week.

Tearose store, 2022 ©theothersight

TeaRose is a shop with a soul, as we like them, and with the desire to combine the aesthetics of beautiful things with an original approach, also offering an event service or a space dedicated to flowers and the design of bouquets and floral installations for its customers.

A cozy and intimate atmosphere and an adorable team who agreed to open us the doors in the middle of preparations for an event.



Via Croce Rossa, 2, 20121 Milan, Italy

Open from Thursday to Tuesday from 10am to 7pm

Open on Monday from 11am to 7pm

  • Antico Ristaurante Boeucc

Boeucc is one of Milan’s legendary restaurants. More than 300 years of know-how around Italian gastronomy. Spaghetti alle vongole, delicious Parma ham, recipes with white truffles or the famous, and always, Milanese saffron risotto…

The products are high-quality and the service is close to the Dorcia so dear to the character of Patrick Bateman: fervor in bow ties, white tablecloths, window curtains and beautiful silverware. It’s in the very elegant Palazzio Belgioioso that the experience takes place. A moment out of time not to be missed under any circumstances.

Remember to take the time to admire the poet Alessandro Manzoni’s house located a stone’s throw away on the charming little Piazza Belgioioso. We can only advise you to go and admire La Scala, the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery or even the Duomo square by night. The Boeucc is the perfect starting point for this night walk.


Antico Ristaurante Boeucc

Piazza Belgioioso, 2, 20121 Milano, Italy

Open from Monday to Friday for lunch from 12.30pm to 2.30pm and for dinner from 7.30pm to 11.30pm

Open on Saturday just for dinner from 7.30pm to 11.30pm

  • Corso Como 10

In line with the late Parisian Colette, the Corso Como 10 is the very essence of the concept store in its most advanced version. A selection of high-end brands: MM6 by Martin Margiela, Byredo or even Comme des Garçons and a restaurant of the same name in the interior courtyard. This lifestyle concept-store is also aimed at a male clientele.

Corso Como store, 2022 ©theothersight

Launched in the early 90s, Corso Como 10 regularly offers collaborations with the biggest brands and events in partnership with the Carla Sozzani art gallery and has even launched a hidden and unique intimate hotel: The 3 Rooms hotel as well as two other shops in Seoul and a restaurant in the same area.


Corso Como 10

Corso Como 10, 20154 Milan, Italy

Open everyday from 10.30am to 7.30pm

  • Lake Como

Just one hour from the central station of Milan, this natural treasure bordering the pre-Alps is a picture in itself of the Dolce Vita. Charming little colorful villages, the most striking of which is certainly that of the seaside resort of Bellagio. Breathtaking architecture and impressive palazzos with a direct view of the lake. Order a gelato to go and feet in the water, we savor it and enjoy life. Lake Como has the shape of an inverted Y, each branch offers its mini main town: Como, Lecco and Colico. The most beautiful points of view to discover it remain the boat trip or to go around the lake by car to be sure to see everything.

Bellagio, Lake of Como, 2022 ©theothersight

Since Roman times, Lake Como has been prized by the international aristocracy for its micro-climate and for its luxurious villas. An idyllic landscape impossible forget, the best thing is to get lost in the small streets and follow the thread of your desires.

If you like flea markets, the city of Como offers one every Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Fleamarket, Como, 2022 ©theothersight


45mn by train from Milan Central Station, book your ticket here

1 hour by car from Milan

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