GARETH NYANDORO // Stall(s) of fame

Gareth Nyandoro, born in 1982 lives in Harare in Zimbabwe. Today he presents his first solo exhibition in France Stall(s) of fame at Palais de Tokyo.

For this occasion, he realized an installation inspired by the urban space and ephemeral sales devices. We find thus the boxes of booksellers of the quays of the Seine, a true nod to Paris. The scenes of life that Gareth Nyandoro takes of his environment are represented in ink on large sheets of paper overlayed. Once the patterns on the white leaves, Gareth Nyandoro precisely cut and lacquer the pictorial layer into thin and long strips. This incision set reveals the colors of the lower leaves. A network of lines from the notches amplifies the represented movements or blurs the figures which then tend to abstraction.


Beyond this installation, his works on paper are presented as works halfway between street art and sculpture. Famous figures in the sports, social and political life of Africa are honored through this technique on paper, deploying truly in space.



Practical information: from 14 June to 10 September 2017, level 1, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.