HENRIETTE H JANSEN // Authentic design

 Henriette H Jansen it is our last crush regarding design. This French-Dutch artist with multi skills has a real colors sense and a n unimited creativity which hits the target.

The personality of Henriette H Jansen is introduced in the interior decoration  world by her ceramics, and her very quickly affirmed through creations in color and original, aesthetic and practical forms. The object becomes as useful as it is beautiful to contemplate.



Much more than a simple design brand, it is an entire universe that this artist with multiple talents, a brand synonym of elegance, attention, simplicity, fantasy, personality, warmth and colour.  Henriette H Jansen  has made an exhibition her vases at Merci shop during the D’Days Festival in Paris in tribute to the 25th birthday og the Avril vase signed by Tsé Tsé. This exhibition will be exported from Paris to Tokyo passing by Los Angeles and Dubai.  Vases, tableware, custom rugs, lamps or lamp stands, it seems that Léa Seydoux has already ordered.


Collaborations multiplying, Paul Smith or even Dyptique have already trusted her, Henriette H Jansen will launch very soon her first collaboration with La Redoute. As much to say that we look forward to discovering it.


Henriette H Jansen has chosen a nice space in the Ninth arrondissement of Paris to show her creations. She has a very great shop, the opportunity for you to meet her, find the object of your dreams or order it. To know more about this artist, read her FOCUS.

Infos pratiques : Henriette H Jansen, 33 rue de Trévise, 75009 Paris.