• If only one neighborhood should exist in Paris, what would be the one for you ?
Mine,  Goncourt-Belleville. Pretty hard to live there with a large family but people are really nice there.
  • A yummy recipe to share ?
It’s hard to answer to this question as, being honest, my skills in cooking are very limited. I don’t really like that. So I guess the best recipe would be the one made by someone else. 🙂
  • Your next escape ?
10 days on the road with a van for a mysterious destination…
  • The song which made your 2020 year ? 
Efficient in all situations : Süpürgei Yoncadan by Altin Gün
  • A book to read this Summer ?
 Face of time by Sammy Stein
  • It was better before or now ? 

Talking about women, for example. It’s clearly better nowadays. In terms of freedom concerning their body and about all their rights.

  • If you could reincarnate in an artist, who would you choose ?
Pierre Soulages
  • The thing you CAN’T miss this year ?

To enjoy again all museums in Paris. And all new ones which opened as the Museum of Hunt and Nature, the Bourse of Commerce etc.

Interview made by Sonya Tlr for The Other Sight.