• Can you introduce yourself briefly ?

Caroline Perdrix: I take care of the creation and production of our brand of ready-to-wear clothes at ATELIER BARTAVELLE. I studied at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne school and at the Decorative Arts of Paris school. After that came various experiences in several fashion houses (Louis Vuitton, David Koma and Saloni). Then, in 2013, when I was a winner in the Off Festival of Marseille Provence European Capital of Culture, I met Alexia …

Alexia Tronel: I am the brand manager. I’ve had a more unusual career: after studying economics and political science, I worked in sustainable development in NGOs, the UN, here and there.

  • Where did this interest in fashion come from ?

Caroline Perdrix: I like working with shapes, colors and material. During my studies I found a way to adapt and translate these desires through garments.

Alexia Tronel: I dreamed of starting a project with a creative, and I also wanted to bring my commitment to our own brand.

  • What is the keyword of Atelier Bartavelle for you ?

Caroline Perdrix: Singularity

Alexia Tronel: Authenticity. The authenticity of the story we tell in each of our pieces, both in terms of our inspirations and in terms of the manufacturing process.

  • What are your inspirations ?

Caroline Perdrix: I’m from Marseille and I go back there very often. I am inspired by the city’s lights and its atmosphere full of contrasts. I am also sensitive to everything I see, contemporary art, architecture, cinema, travel, meetings, everything that touches me enriches my creation every day.

The artists we work with enrich the world of BARTAVELLE WORKSHOP: for example, Charlotte Develter who painted a mural for the photo shoot of the reference collection, making reference to Malick Sidibé’s photography. The inspiration for the 2016 “Ettore” photo shoot was a series of land art photos by the artist Ettore Sottsass called Metaphors.

  • What are your future projects ?

Caroline Perdrix: New collaborations coming up with creatives …

Alexia Tronel: We’re launching our first T-shirt, “the bartavelle,” in the next few weeks.