• Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Axelle, I’m 27 and I’m of mixed race, French-Vietnamese, Parisian by adoption.
Before Lespard, I studied law and business but I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I climbed up the ladder little by little, through sales, merchandising, purchasing, creation…
Today, I’m lucky enough to make a living at it.

  • Where does this interest for fashion come from?

From my mother, it’s a bit cliché but I come from a family of women, 3 older sisters and an autodidact dressmaker mother. I’ve always been attracted by this world, by nice materials, beautiful prints and in a word by creating as well.
It came quite naturally after all.

  • What is LESPARD’s operative word in your mind?

First, I’d say comfort, because it’s important to me to feel good.
And Lespard, we are about pretty materials, simple and elegant cuts. Lespard is also a brand that tells a story in which young women of today can recognize themselves… First and foremost, it’s a brand that means freedom, that’s what we’d like to think we offer, a certain form of liberty.

  • What are your inspirations?

I believe that, in life, in work and also in love, the more passionate we are, the more inspired we are.
And Lespard is the mix of everything I see, films, exhibitions, travels, etc.…

  • What is your favorite look in this first F/W collection?

I would say the Makassar dress; it’s a bit like a man’s shirt… Just longer… With pockets.
To me, it’s an easy and chic basic piece. The look of the modern girl who wakes up and puts on her guy’s shirt. But better cut 😉

  • What are your future projects?

Not making any!!
Living day by day, with enthusiasm, love, but mainly passion!
And a long long life to Lespard, which is, after all a project.