• Could you present yourself in a few words ?

Hannah : We are Hannah and Heidi. We launched our leather goods brand, C, in late 2015 but it has really been existing for two weeks.

Everything is handcrafted by us, in Paris. We met at 15, when we were teenagers. At the time we used to talk using signing because no one of us talked the other’s language, german or french. We met ten years later by chance in a leather fair, and our common passion got us together, Heidi was talking a better french, what made things easier.

Heidi : I am originally graphic designer and costume designer.

Hannah : and I’m a personal stylist for artists, but I’m multifaceted.

  • Where does this passion for fashion and leather come from ?

It comes from our respective activities. And leather is a noble material, a material that ages good. Leather is easily renewable and evolves with time. And above leather and fashion, we wanted to offer small, mobile pieces of art in this first collection. We wanted to be halfway between jewels and handbags.

  •  What is C’s keyword according to you ?

LEATHER, of course (CUIR in french) but we chose the C because it allows to play on words as easily in french as in english. And as we are distributed in Munich, in the 90 days concept store, we had to find a name that talked to every language.

  •  What are your plans for the future ?

We don’t close any door, we are open to anything. Our products are not meant to be elitist products, as our goal is to please people above all. We dream about developing models for men and children. Developing collaborations, continuing to offer quality products. We are also developing our e-shop, that should be online some time in July.