• Could you please introduce yourself ?

I am a Belgium designer, fond of arts, in a broad sense.

Sculpture, paintings, but also cinema, music, photography…They all are, to my opinion, a form of language, a media. I like that idea, art enables us to unveil the most intimate thing, in a direct way, or not.

My career is rich of diverse experiences. Artistic studies, painting and then art objects’ restoration, especially ceramics and glass. A short experience in a luxury prêt-à- porter shop, which confirms my taste for materials. I taught fine arts, and led workshops for children and adults. In parallel, I developed my business in objects and pieces of furniture.

  • Where did you get this interest for design ?

It’s a peculiar recipe: artistic studies, a dad working in metallurgy, and a cabinet maker as a partner in life… Workshops’ daily life and smell are part of me.

I naturally wanted to create mine. It’s a way of life, of breathing. I like observing my clients reusing my creations in different ways. They make the object their own by choosing new functions for it.

Line is a free object, it’s at once a table and a storage unit, it can be used in a bed room, next to a couch or a pool, overlaid, turned upside down … Everyone can make it his own. There is one in the Christofle shop of Brussels.

  • Why white ?

It’s a physical instinctive relationship. Everything is possible with white. It questions, calms down, creates food for thoughts and invites us to touch the material. Essential

  • What is the key word of CATHERINE GRASSER STUDIO ?

It’s a state of mind, a vital need. It’s what enables me to embrace all creative forms. Objects, pieces of furniture, space design.

  • What are your future projects ?

At the moment, I’m finishing two space design projects and a new product, that I will be very pleased to tell you more about later !