• Could you introduce yourself in a few words ?

My name is Claire Nicolet. I’m 27 and I live in Paris. I graduated from les Beaux-Arts in Paris, in Jean Michel Alberola’s workshop in 2015. Previously I studied graphic design and engraving with Françoise Petrovich in Ecole Estienne.
I participated in several group exhibitions and spent two months in London last summer in artist residency. I’m obsessive and contemplative

  • Where does this interest for engraving comes from ?

My interest in engraving, at first, was purely formal: the line, frame, black and white. By practicing, I was fascinated by all the organization that the practice necessitated (relatively close to the kitchen): cooking time, acid bite, printing techniques, preparation of paper, inks, etc…. It has a special relationship to time, and a progressive and empirical knowledge of the discipline. There was also the option to decline or increase.

  • Do you use other artistic forms ?

In les Beaux-Arts’ school, I naturally stopped burning to focus on color and drawings in large formats. I’m also interested in volume: sculptures and architectural modules linden. I regularly write books more or less narrative and poetic halfway between the cartoon and the artist book. At the moment I’m working in acrylic on wooden supports and I’m about to publish a book in risographie (release scheduled for mid-November) from a written and drawn diary of winter 2015-2016 .

  • What are your inspirations ?

My first inspiration is the city.
I have a contemplative and poetic report with the urban space. For some years now I walk a lot, I rarely take the subway. Everything comes from the street. In everyday life, I collect what challenges me, what emerges on the way: space, architecture, weather, words, fleeting thoughts, music, objects, quotes from famous people, quotes from friends, strangers, areas of nothing … Either objects of reality, language or imagination. Right now, I concentrate more on architecture, I’m interested in what escapes the eye if we do not pay attention, a fireplace, a grill, an open window, etc.
My favorite painters and designers are Georgia O’keeffe, Edward Hopper, David Hockney, Giotto, Jochen Gerner, Brecht Evens.

  • What are your upcoming projects ?

I am about to publish a book about the experience that I lived in artist residence in London, in July-August. This project will take care until at least the end of winter. I’ll be in an artist residency in Tunis for a month next spring : things come gradually, I want to explore other cities.