• Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

We are Alexa and Lisa (generation ’87), Dessù’s co-founders. We met five years ago at NellyRodi, an international trend scouting agency based in Paris. I (Alexa) was a project manager in the DIGITAL INSIGHT division, charged among other things of NellyRodiLab platform’s content managing (cross-trends vision), while Lisa was a Fashion and Lifestyle project manager. Her most important mission was to guide clients in their branding and offer strategies.

We had a sincere crush for each other, our complementary visions and our different paths – Lisa graduated from Science Po Bordeaux with a master in Marketing and Communication and I come from Brussels, where I specialized in Communication and Public Relations at the IHECS, with a master in knowledge management – had a real influence in our ambitious project’s genesis. Today Lisa lives in London and I’m in Paris, so our project is evolving between these two cities we particularly affectionate.

• Where does this interest for fashion come from ?

Back in the days our job was about interpreting the spirit of the times, understanding sociological changes and their impact on consumers, how consumer behaviors affect brands and creative and marketing realms they evolve with…

Joined to our common passion for underwear, this permanent analysis of great consuming waves allowed us to realize the lack of actors in the designer underwear sector

Moved by our increasing desire of giving life to a project together, we instantly wanted to take the floor, bringing a singular, creative vision of the perfect iconic, feminine product: panties. Dessù was born ☺

• What is DESSÙ’s keyword, according to you ?

It’s hard to choose one word…We can say plurality reflects our vision of femininity and underwear. But we prefer to talk about values. With Dessù we talk to our generation’s women, those who don’t identify with underwear’s aging codes. Our vision of underwear and femininity talks to free, independent women, far from clichés and stereotypes (it’s a lot of words, isn’t it ?)

• What is the piece you prefer (each one of you) in your current collection ? Why ?

Alexa: Ouch! I was fearing this question. It’s difficult to chose because each one of our panties is so different! And in a certain way I identify myself with each of the 6 universes : the 9 am panties because I’m a morning girl, my dad always told me that the early bird catches the worm and I always kept this in my mind… but it’s a bit paradoxal because I love to stay in bed with my boyfriend too, doing NOTHING for the entire day except strolling in the Jardin du Luxembourg, what would suit to the 12 pm panties for their boyish, casual style. But I probably couldn’t do nothing without the most attractive and sensual above all, the 10 pm! It’s full of promise and subtlety, its real advantage is that it glorifies all the feminine lines with a subtle play on transparency and a pure design. It’s so chic, I love it !

Lisa: Do I really have to make a choice? I definitely can’t ! 🙂

• What are your plans for the future?

Since we started our wish was to build a lifestyle universe, not confining ourselves to the pitfall of aging, traditional underwear. This goes with the add of othe products related to each of the universes of our eshop. This transversal vision will also be developed by an online magazine we expect to launch in early september.

Our ambition is to become a top of mind in « Lyfestyle Underwear » and to gradually develop the elements of the Dessù art of living. These days we are working on a range of bodies which first design should be available for 2016 christmas 😉

New collaborations are also in the pipes and we continue our « Dessù Calendar » that features every month a new muse with her favorite design, shot every time by a different photographer.