Divine Southgate-Smith

  • Could you please present yourself in a few words ?

My name is Divine Southgate Smith,I’m a British Artist working predominantly in sculpture and installation. Having recently graduated from Central St Martins, London. I am now based in Lisbon, Portugal.    

  • Do you remember the day you chose to become an artist and express yourself on this way ?

Quite vividly actually, I was in a detention for not having done my Art homework. At the age of 15 English literature was my passion, so most of my time was spent doing that. I was sketching as quickly as I could, so I could get out of there when the Head of Art&Design ( A pretty scary Lady who I’m now very good friends with) walked in and saw what I was doing. She simply asked me to come back the next day and the rest is history…

  • Where do you find your daily inspiration ?

I have to say in architecture, music and language, these are things that we engage with on a daily basis without being necessarily aware of it and for me they are simply fascinating forms of dialogue.

  • What would be your key world  for life ? A quotation that you love ?

John Locke has it right when he says: “The understanding, like the eye, whilst it makes us see and perceive all other things, takes no notice of itself: and it requires art and pains to set it at a distance and make it its own object….

I have a few more but I won’t bore you… this one definitely marks the beginning of my artistic practice and somewhat defines the way that I work.

  • What are your future projects and what we wish you today ?

As for the near future, I will be presenting my first stage performance, entitled Testimony to the Unseen at AMAC, auditorium on the 2nd of March, if you want to come. I’m in the process of producing a new body of prints, that are very much inspired by the piece currently in The Other Shop.

I also have my fingers crossed, for the relaunch of 14TH CINEMA, a transdisciplinary exhibition platform that I started with my collaborative in 2016.