• Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Julia Grita, 30 years old. Artist, graduated in 2008 from the Chardon Savard Workshop in fashion styling and patternmaking. I constantly feel like expressing myself through all the arts at hand, I particularly like color, it guides my work in everything I do, in the graffiti, the handbags or music; it’s my drive.

I recently created my own luxury brand of leather goods, handmade by manufacturer Jeremy Kastelani.

  • Where does this interest for leather goods and accessories come from?

I think it comes from all the women that have been surrounding me since I was a kid… The handbag always carried this magic, the mystery of what I was going to find inside. Then came the need for creating unique handbags that could change just like the women who wear them. When travelling I started collecting bags I’d find at flea markets or at crafts shows. I was mainly looking for bags I wouldn’t find anywhere else.

To me, a bag or a pair of shoes adds the finishing touch to an outfit or it personalizes it, you can tell a woman’s personality by the accessories she wears.

  • What is ELI GRITA’s operative word in your mind?

EXPRESSION, CREATIVITY, JOY (I know, it’s 3 words)

  • What is your favorite model in your current collection and why?

I like them all, but this new collection is special and important. I have gathered all the arts I was able to practice or that I do practice today and I’ve introduced a spiritual and symbolic dimension in it.

It was important to connect all my tools through the creation of my bags… they are “magic boxes”, ma favorite: THE MAGICIAN.

  • What are your future projects?

I’m working on the next 10 models, they are always unique and numbered models and I create them like human characters.

I also have graffiti projects in September and you’ll find me at the Galeries Lafayette for the IRO brand during the event l’Afterwork nouveau chic on September 17th.