• Could you introduce yourself in a few words ? 

I’m Florian Gravier, I’m 36 and I’m Flaneurz co-founder, at the origin of the project. I travelled across more than 45 countries, on my roller-skates. I observed urban tribes, their culture, their look, the way they move… For leaving, I worked as an entertainer, a barman, a production coordinator, a cook, a maître d’hôtel… I knew I had to start my own business. It came both from my passion for roller-skating and from an idea that every person that ever fixed sneakers on rollers might have had : giving its utility back to the shoe, walking! Arnaud Darut Giard, an engineer from Paris’s Arts et Métiers, Walid Nouh and David Brun are Flaneurz’s other founders. Three talents joined the team, Johanna Sanchez Laurenté for communication, Amedeo Abelle for art direction and Adrien Carré for operations.

  • Roller-addicts above all?

I started skating as a little kid, like everybody, but since then I never stopped. I used roller-skating by turns to be part of a tribe, to move, to shine, to express myself, to differentiate myself, to move, to compete… Today I use roller-skating as a transportation and most importantly, I dance. I’m part of the SkateXpress crew. We regularly perform in Europe for brands (Lee, Diesel…), events, festivals… At Flaneurz, we are the inheritors of 250 years of roller-skating. Our product is an evolution that is the prolongation of 2×2 wheels quad roller-skate’s recent comeback : YSL males roller-skates, such as Cosmoparis, Beyoncé launches her Top Shop capsule collection on wheels, Lui, Vogue and countless cookbooks use roller-skates to enhance their models and give them this timeless, trendy touch.

My passion for sneakers combined to my passion for roller-skating planted the seed of Flaneurz, my associates and co-workers (La Clique) gave life to it.

  • What is FLANEURZ’s key-word, according to you?

Fun, Flaneurz is a dream factory. The goal is to realize these dreams. The playful aspect is at the centre of our philosophy. Our product and our company reflect this wish to go forward, and to have fun.

« Skating’s great voluptuousness, it’s to be freed from impediment. » La Vie Parisienne, 1876

  • What are your plans for the future ?

We will soon launch a capsule. Our new collection collaboration with VEJA,  just came out this month and we are negotiating with other brands. The goal is to create unexpected, more and more attractive, detachable roller skates… We became experts about modifying shoes. Today, we clip the on roller-skates, and tomorrow…

For my part I want to have fun, to travel, to fulfill myself developing my business and, if possible, to skate a bit more !