FOCO Gallery x Clara Imbert

  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Clara Imbert, I am a French artist. I currently live in Lisbon where I moved to right after finishing my studies in fine arts at Central Saint Martins in 2017, in London.

  • Visual artist but also photographer, what is your relation to art?

My artistic process actually started with photography from a very young age. Now, photography has remained a key element in my works becoming the starting point of my creative process. In my opinion, photography is often and wrongly left aside from visual arts for being a documentary medium. In my pieces, on the contrary, photography develops into something more free and abstract, regaining a spatial dimension.

  • What inspires you?

Inspiration comes in different ways: it might be looked for, spontaneous or even sometimes fortuitous. I like walking around, observing, contemplating the colour of a passer-by’s skirt, gazing at the light on a window or the geometry of space; it’s all those moments that nourish my artistic research. Finding inspiration in the unexpected and in our everyday life.

  • Why having chosen Lisbon as your new home?

As I was studying in London, I had the chance to meet three other artists with who I created the collective “( ) Parenthesis” and we decided to move to Lisbon together. Lisbon is a city that has plenty to offer in terms of space and of artistic opportunities. Here, I found a strong and visible community of aspiring creatives.

  • What are your next projects?

Right now, I have the exhibition DIS(PLACES), that I conceived in collaboration with Divine Southgate-Smith, at FOCO Gallery in Lisbon that is ending on June 15th. Beyond this, I am currently looking to collaborate with engineers and scientists to develop new projects of outside installations in different places, working around and focusing on their environment, their composition, their light. And in the meantime, I keep creating new pieces at my studio in Marvila, for future exhibitions to come.

  • Your dearest wish?

I wish I travelled more often. I actually keep a list of places I would like to visit. My dream would be to discover barely accessible locations, meet and work with people from diverse horizons, creating beautiful things together.