Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m 27. I have a degree in fashion design from Duperré School. I have worked in all areas of fashion. I’m Parisian and I think that plays a crucial part in what I do. I felt like doing something personal some day, I didn’t think it would be this early; I started working on a collection to create a portfolio. And, as it turns out, I won the Young Designers National Competition in 2012.
I manage the whole thing from A to Z but I’m very well surrounded with two photographers, a graphic artist, Stephen a metal craftsman who comes from the Boulle School. Let’s not forget Lisa, my precious support in communication and commercial development of the brand. Each has the leeway to propose things. I also work with an embroiderer. I also do some freelance styling work in commercial photography and art direction, beside the HYES adventure.

Where does this interest for modern jewelry come from?

It came a bit on its own. I think it is easier to dare an accessory rather than clothes and to bring artisan techniques that make it a little more affordable. I wanted it easy to wear by everybody.

What is HYES’ operative word in your mind?

COLLABORATION, because when everyone brings a piece of his world to attain something new and creative, I love it.

What is your favorite object in the current collection and why?

For me, it’s the embroidered necklace because it’s a strong piece, never seen anywhere else. With an artisan technique: brass (the metallic part), cotton for the ribbon and the fastener. This piece is embroidered, but with glass beads and raw stones like pyrite.

What are your future projects?

I’m working on the next collection that will be ready in March 2015. I would really like to work on derivative products. Perhaps lamps or small leather goods for instance. Right now I’m doing some temporary creations for Christmas. We want some fun and modern things.
I really would like for HYES to become the fruit of an artistic talent platform.