• Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

Julia Cecillon, I’m 30 years old, I live in Marseille with my family. After a few years as an actress in Paris, I started the MAISON Maison adventure a few months ago. It’s only the beginning but I really like it!

  • Where does this interest for interior decoration come from?

I’ve always been attracted by this world; I love flea markets, looking at what’s going on around me, I’m quite a curious person!

  • What is MAISON Maison’s operative word in your mind?

SLOW DESIGN. At MAISON Maison we believe in slow, useful, simple and always efficient design. We believe in a respectful production, with minimal packaging, based on recycling and mainly in healthy production.
Our products are only made on demand, the artisan way, in our workshops.

  • What is your favorite object in the current collection?

Oh, there are so many! But the SAMARCANDE candle is my favorite. Because of its double use: candle/mug. I like candles that have a strong olfactory print.
Plus I’ve always put the emphasis on the fact we can recycle/divert a product. That’s the case with our mugs.
Today, all of my tableware sets are made of enameled sheet metal!

  • What your future projects?

Some new objects are coming. We are working on several ideas, always in the same vein.