• Would you introduce yourself in a few words ?

My name is Guillaume and I’m 29.
I’m a designer with a BA from the Design School of Nantes Atlantic as well as a MA from the Eindhoven Design Academy; I finished a year and a half ago.
I then quickly started my own design studio in Paris. Combining formal design (music clips decoration, furniture design on demand) and conceptual design (residence at Z33-Hasselt BE), I had a busy and rewarding year because it was very diversified.
Following my desires and feelings, I left for Berlin where I’ve been living now for 6 months. It’s during this period that PIG got its start.

  • Where does this interest for design come from ?

It seems it all started during my first kitchen installation jobs, run by my brother. Back then, I was a bit disoriented after passing my final high school exam. I wasn’t sure what to do. So I started using tools, taking dimensions, drilling holes, cutting wood, etc.… and I liked it a lot.
I sincerely think this experience was fundamental and revealed a part of me I couldn’t see.
I then continued to “tinker” in my little corner, collected objects, renovating them, transforming them, etc.… Later I started a course of object design.
This evolution helped me understand some behaviors I had in he past like staying home with my Mom when I was 15 to learn how to sew instead of going skateboarding with my friends.
Today the hands-on stage is indispensable to my creative process.

  • What is PIG’s operative word in your mind ?

Pleasure of course; it’s one of the words of the acronym “Pleasure Is the highest Good”.
PIG is first and foremost a desire to present project to the outside world without having to justify our selection. After 2 years at the Eindhoven Design Academy where justification is king, a certain desire for freedom seemed to float above our heads, a desire for pleasure.

  • What are your inspirations ?

It might seem ordinary, it probably is, but I find inspiration in every day life. I don’t have a ritual or follow a quest for inspiration.
It can come from anywhere or anytime. My general process is curiosity, the need to discover new things. I believe that as much as change is enriching and amazes, redundancy fills you with gloom and tires you.

  • What are your future projects ?

PIG is looking to grow with new projects, new designers but of course I can’t tell you anymore than that for now.
Personally, I’m taking an intensive German class because living in a country and not speaking the language is pretty sad. Oh and yeah, I’m going to Sri Lanka this summer!