• Could you please present yourself into a few words ?

I’m Henriette Jansen, I started as an artist-painter (for 10 years) after attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I took courses in graphic design, drawing and painting. At one point I needed to take a little distance from painting and so I followed ceramic classes for a year. I immediately started doing what I do ‘hopefully better’ today. Going through a collection of very colorful and organic table art. I have participated in the Salon Maison&Objet nine times, but I do not consider myself as a commercial.

I think I’m a born colorist, since I remembered it …

  • What brought you to design and ceramic ?

I made unique pieces.  Shapes, which serve rather as a base (like a white canvas) for me to burst into colors, knowing that it is much more complicated because the colors of the enamel are not the same before and after baking., Often it is difficult to return to it, it’s not like when we put a layer of paint, so often , we start everything again.

  • What is the best word to define your work ?

Ceramist, colorist, artist. Between art, crafts and decoration. For me, working the soil is a form of active meditation.

  • You also draw rugs, could you tell us more about ?

I draw custom rugs as unique pieces, they are paintings on the floor. I never do the same twice. They are made in Nepal, handmade knotted or tufted. I love drawing these rugs to add a personality, a harmony of colors and a link between what is around in places. And in addition they have demented quality, they become even more beautiful as they age.

  • What are your futur projects ?

For spring 2018, a capsule collection for La Redoute around the house and a personal ceramic exhibition developing the theme of ‘my poetry’ combining metal, ceramics and gold leaf.