Hugo Cantegrel

  • Could you please present yourself in a few words ?

I am Hugo Cantegrel, I was born in Paris in 1991. I studied fine arts at Central Saint Martins School in London. I am a visual artist and I moved to Lisbon in 2015. Do you remember the day you chose to become artist ? My great-grandfather was sculptor and my grandfather a painter. In my childhood, I used to sit for hours in his studio while he was painting. Between my 12 and 14 years old, it became obvious that I would follow also that path. I started to draw very young and I have never stopped since then.

My parents have their own companies. I grew up in an environment where people work for themselves, and fight for what they get.

I could not work for someone else.

  • Where do you find your inspiration ?

Inspiration is an association of ideas. I found mine in the day to day life. My work has a lot to do with memories, childhood, personal memories but also collective ones. Those things in which we catch everybody’s attention.

  • One of your favourite quotes ?

All the images will disappear. (…) Images in which we appeared as a little girl in the midst of being who died before we were born, just as in our own memories our small children are there next to our parents and schoolmates. And one day we’ll appear in our children’s memories, among their grandchildren and people not yet born. Like sexual desire, memory never stops. It pairs the dead with the living, real with imaginary beings, dreams with history. Annie Ernaux, 2008

  • What are your future projects ?

What can we wish you for 2019 ? I have just launched my first book whose name is Dream Airlines. It is now available on the crowdfunding website ULULE. It will be available in March.

I like simple things. If I can continue to live only with my art, I m totally ok with that. I am happy to take part in some exhibitions and I hope to carry on this way wherever it is. My next exhibition will start the next 14th February at FOCO Gallery in Lisbon. The only wish that I have now is to be officially represented by an art gallery.