Inês Zenha

  • Could you present yourself in a few words ? 

I am Inês Zenha, I could describe myself as a very energetic person and committed to my work. I have big aspirations for life and really try to put everything I am in whatever I do. My professional background includes exhibitions, artist residency, artist prizes and commissions for brands. 

  • Do you remember the day you chose to become an artist and express yourself on this way ? 

I have always to be an artist. I have practiced extensive hours day after day to acquire the skills I have today. But there is a big difference in the idea we have of what an artist is, to actually what an artist is, to actually what it means in reality. It is job in the end of the day, that requires your whole personality but also a lot of understanding of how does the art market works. 

  • Where do you find your daily inspiration ? 

In the most simple things. I am really interested on the passage of time in everyday objects and everyday life. The shifts between states of being , in people and in the world. 

  • What would be your key word ? A quotation that you love ? 

It’s neither Art for Art, or Art against Art. I am for Art but for Art that has nothing do with the Art. Art has everything to do with life, but it has nothing to do with Art. 

  • What are your future projects ? And what can we wish you for 2019 ? 

I am applying for Royal Academy of Art as I want to do my post graduation back to London. U just had few shows in Lisbon and soon in London.