• Could you please present yourself ?

I am Isabel Englebert, jewellery designer. I was born in Argentina, and I started my relationship with fashion when I worked as a model 15 years ago. After studying Economics and Communications Sciences I moved to the corporate world, where I developed my career in the Communications market.

I then seized the opportunity of traveling around the world through my job, to learn, investigate and experience fashion in different places.

A couple of years ago,I decided to focus on fashion and after studying Fashion Design in Central Saint Martins and after a number of courses in jewellery manufacturing with well-known goldsmiths, I finally launched my brand: Isabel Englebert Jewellery, early in 2012.

I studied gemology and valuation with Carlos Leporace, a well-known gemologist and Valuation Chief of Banco Ciudad. Then in 2014 I perfected my skills in L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris. Towards further participating in the fashion world, and combining my experience as a communicator with my passion for the latest trends, I decided to launch the site Fashion Fix in 2014.

  • Where did you get this interest for fashion and accessories ?

I remember always being interested in fashion, since I was little. I love clothes but I felt that it was a complicate world while jewellery can let you focus in special and eternal designs without following the trends. I’m convinced that every woman should have at least one loving jewel that defines her and makes her feel special.

  •  What is the key word of your work ? 

Follow your instinct and vision and never forget what you like. If you design a jewel you would wear you have half of the success on your side, somehow people can recognize the authenticity in a brand.

  • What are your inspirations ?

Everything and anything! Fashion, art, history but never forgetting the woman who is going to wear it.

  •  What is your favourite piece of the actual collection and why ?

I love the bold pieces, those which assure you will not go unnoticed. The London Choker Ivy is one of my favourites of the London Collection.

  •  What are your future projects ?

I wish to keep on creating exclusive pieces and unique for their design, and expanding commercially. In the future my dream is to open a store where you can purchase not only jewellery but also special clothes and furniture, other of my passions.