• Could you please present yourselves in a few word ?

ISTO. was founded by three men (Pedro Palha, Pedro Gaspar and Vasco Mendonça) who, maybe like yourself, enjoy dressing well but have grown weary of the fashion establishment.

We may come from different backgrounds (Business, Creative Design and Marketing & Communication) but when it comes to clothing, we enjoy all types of brands, sizes, shapes and colors.

Most important of all, we want a better world to live in.

  • Where does this interest for fashion come from ?

Well, we do not enjoy the growing disparity between quality and price. We’re also tired of how seasonality drives irrational purchase behavior and promotion cycles, as well as the avalanche of digital marketing created around that.

We want to be different: we want to make better products and forge a different relationship with consumers, at the same time we create the coolest organic brand out there.

  • What are you inspirations ?

Our inspirations are quite clear: sustainability, transparency in all parts of business, high quality materials and, of course, our city Lisbon colours. This is definitely what drives us to do our best everyday and grow organically every day.

  • What would be the key world for ISTO and why ?

We are a brand new company so we had very little opportunity to ruin this planet through our company practices, but we intend to do the least harm possible. And that’s how we want businesses and people to behave: a world with less waist and better, responsible consumption.

  • What are your future projects ?

We have something good cooking and we are always looking into new collaborations and projects. Maybe growing the business into new organic industries might be a good future project.

But for now, we are focused in sustainably growing our line of pieces and colours, creating the best wardrobe essentials in the market.