• Could you please present yourself ?

My name is Kristina Dam, I’m 33 years old (born 1981), I live in Copenhagen with my husband Ketil (musician) and 2 children Vera 5 years and Nord 9 months.

I founded Kristina Dam Studio in 2012, and it all started up with my illustrations of architectural houses and now Kristina Dam Studio is both furnitures, accessories and art pieces. I’m originally educated graphic designer, 2007, from the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture and design. I worked 5 years as a graphic designer before I created Kristina Dam Studio.

Last year I got a partner in Kristina Dam Studio, and together we are now developing into a bigger brand.

  • Where did you get this interest for art and design ?

I always wanted to be an artist, but my parents told me that you can’t live of doing art pieces – then I decided to do graphic design instead. And while I got the education as a graphic designer I did art in my spare time.

  • What is the key word of your work ?

I like to add something speciel to all my designs, a marble plate is not just marble but gold engraved with a pattern (marble perspective) A mirror that is almost an artpiece and a mirror (reflecting mirror) ect.

  • What are your inspirations ?

I’m always inspired by art in all perspectives. I always look for inspiration it can be everything from a combination of materials or a shape from a dress. When I travel I always get inspired, I think it is because you mostly see things for the first time, so you see all the details that you don’t see in you everyday life at home.

  • What is your favourite object and why ?

I’ts a difficult question and hard to answer. I guess I don’t got a favourite object – I got many, but if I should mention a designer /artist that I admire it must be Josef Albers.

  • What are your future projects ?

Kristina Dam Studio is planning to go even more into furnitures and we will present bigger furnitures for our next collection. We are looking forward to develop our brand and grow bigger step by step.