• Would you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I have a degree in management with a major in entrepreneurship; I’m 27 and really wanted to create my own company.
I was at Universal Music in Public Relations.
In the company I manage the client-supplier relationship as well as the books (being a financier at heart)
My partner is the literary guy; he’s the one who writes about the “arrondissements” (Editor’s note: Paris districts). We both do the art direction.

  • Where does this interest for design and scents in general come from ?

My partner wrote on the history of smells in Paris during his University days. He presented his writings to me and something obvious jumped at me: Paris didn’t have just one olfactory identity so together we thought we should start with scented candles, so we decided to attribute each “arrondissement” its own olfactory identity.

  • What is La Note Parisienne’s operative word in your mind ?

Parisian elegance

  • How did you define the different candle perfumes ?

After long research and writing efforts on each “arrondissement” (hence the quill on our logo), we present a brief to our Perfumer, indicating the olfactory directions to take. He then proposes different scents for each “arrondissement”.

  • What is your favorite candle and why ?

The 16th. It is very woody with notes of pine, cedar and lily (it’s Paris most wooded “arrondissement”: Bois de Boulogne, Ranelagh gardens, its racetracks…).

Having grown up in that area, I find this fragrance particularly accurate and loaded with memories for me.

  • What are your future projects ?

I have several since I’m an entrepreneur at heart. The idea is to create several brands. I’m currently working on a brand new project…