• Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

Gwenaelle, 30 years old, fashion designer. My personality? Shy and assertive, is that possible? Discreet but determined… I’m simple. No froufrou or frills, but I know where I’m going.

My story is pretty standard. Youth in the country, a design school in Paris, the Atelier Chardon-Savard and a designer position for about 10 years. L’AMUSEE dresses is just a “side job” for now, the extension of occasional creations that I made on my Singer sewing machine at the last minute for weddings or parties after cleaning up the St Pierre Market (Editor’s note: famous inexpensive fabric market in Paris). The main difference being, when someone asks me where I found them I’ve got an answer.

  • Where does your interest for fashion and dresses come from?

I was pretty young, my grandmother taught me how to sew and knit. I quickly enjoyed making my own clothes. Was it to create for myself a wardrobe in a countryside where shopping wasn’t easy? Was it to assert myself as a teenager? Was it to remind myself nice memories of times spent with my grandmother? Probably a little bit of all that, but mainly because I love clothes. Everything else came naturally so, when the time came to choose a direction, I chose fashion design.

Dresses, that came later. The dress is the feminine garment par excellence. It’s flattering and suits any kind of body. One piece and the woman is dressed. Its simplicity is its strength.

  • What is L’AMUSEE’s operative word in your mind?

The name or the brand? If it’s the name, up to you to see what you want in it. The Muse or l’amusée (the amused)? It’s just a word, a bit light, a bit feminine; I could have picked another one certainly.

As far as content, it’s simple. I wanted to offer something that would help women answer the question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another: “What will I wear on Saturday?” An inexpensive but well-made dress. Simple but with personality. What I propose are in fact dresses for all occasions. Sort of a 1000-dresses wardrobe, the place to go as if you were going to your girlfriend’s closet for that special occasion.

So, to better adjust to each, I offer the half-custom option. You like this dress but would like it in that fabric? You like this dress but you have a particularly thin waist or are pregnant? A dressmaker, a pattern specialist and you’re done! Within reason, L’AMUSEE is a service a la carte.

  • What are your inspirations?

L’AMUSEE spirit is to offer dresses with personality without falling into excess, a pretty tricky balance to find. Originality without overdoing it. My sources of inspiration? Neither “haute couture” nor runway show. Of course I do look at them, I use them for inspiration, it’s essential, but I prefer every day life.

I try to concentrate on what people might like to wear more than what I’d like to have them wear. The street, parties, friends, daily life are my inspiration in fact. As a matter of fact, I realize my circle of fashion friends’ opinions don’t necessarily matter more than others’.

  • What do you love online on the e-shop right now?

Each of the website dresses was created way upstream, for a special occasion like a wedding, a birthday… When I look at them, it’s hard not to think of the occasion I created them for and wore them for the first time. The “Polyvalente” for instance, dress or skirt depending on the mood, was for Clothilde’s wedding. The “Suggestive”, a little more tendentious than it looks, was made for a birthday.

But to answer the question, without giving a value factor to the memories, I admit having a little weakness for the “Conventionnelle”, easy and surprising at the same time with its pleats in the back.

  • What are your future projects?

L’AMUSEE of course. To have fun, fill up the wardrobe and dress you up. So, see you in early June for many new things!
L’AMUSEE, bien sûr. M’amuser, remplir la garde-robe et vous habiller. Alors rendez-vous début juin pour de nombreuses nouveautés !