• Could you please present yourself  ?

My name is Lou Matheron, I am 21 ! I describe myself as easy going, uncomplicated, open-minded and curious! Concerning my studies, I went in for cultural mediation with a major in photography before entering the Gobelins to study photography this year. But my experience cannot be summarized to my schooling because I also learned thanks to collaborations, jobs that I took on at the same time as my studies. For instance, in 2013, I met two photographers who “launched” me, taking me under their wing.

  • Where did you get this interest for art and photography ?

Mainly from my parents ! My mother works in fashion, so I have been immersed in it since I’m a kid and my father has always initiated me into arts in general, and especially photography, taking me to exhibitions, showing me books. He offered me my first camera, a Contax film camera which dates back to his twenties !

  • What are your inspirations ?

Almost anything and everything ! I really like taking photos of life ordinary moments. I get my inspiration from common objects, daily gestures. I also like taking pictures of architectures and hands, which are the most beautiful and poetic part of the body to me.

Concerning my references, I love the AKATRE French collective, their works are very graphic. I also like photographers like Steven Meisel, Jean-François Lepage and Charles Freger.

  • What is the key word of your work ?

Gentleness. I think that is what I try to bring out from any of my pictures. Thanks to light, colours or the object itself. It appears to me that I always work with this in mind. My goal is to give the feeling of gentleness to the person who is looking at my picture.

  • What are your future projects ?

For the moment, I work a lot on my school projects, which represent substantial work. At the same time, collages of my photos made by an artist will be published in Stylist. I also prepare my first fashion shooting because it’s something I’m interested in but that I never had a chance to try. I am also working on a video clip that I will shoot with my collective More Than Basics.