• Could you describe yourself in few words?

JC: My name’s Jessica Chabot, I am MARMIER’s brand director and art director. I studied design, visual display, communication and marketing. I developed a passion for the combination of strong images and evocative words, particularly in fashion. I’m a fan of minimalistic visuals, avant-gardist magazines and creative spheres. If I had to go back to school, I’d probably study industrial design…

MEE: My name’s Marie-Eve Emond, I am creative director / designer at MARMIER and Betina Lou. I studied management and fashion design in college and university. I created costumes as a teenager and then I got into lots of clothes’ other aspects, from uniforms to ready-to-wear including technical clothes (outdoor). What passionate me are tailoring and the choice of the materials. I’m the clothes’ big perfectionist! For me, it’s all about small details and accuracy in the cuts.

JC: We are 5 working at the studio, without our interns and other cutting or sewing suppliers. We work on both MARMIER and Betina Lou, the original brand created by Marie-Eve six years ago. Big up to Catherine, Jennyfère and Audrey!

  • Where does your interest in fashion come from?

MEE: My grandmother taught me sewing when I was a kid; I was making my dolls’ clothes by myself… Then I never stopped sewing! I like discovering new textiles, working them, putting them to test. It’s usually the sample that dictates me what clothe to create, by its texture, its softness, its color etc. I like when a piece suits well, and is comfortable for the one wearing it. That’s what motivates me to work in fashion: to see my clothes being worn!

JC: I’ve always been attracted by visuals. Combinations of colors, textures, shapes… At school I was a fan of art classes, I’ve always known i wanted to work in a creative environment. As a teenager, I always had a huge pile of magazines on my bedside table; I was a bookmark and cut out pictures maniac. My progression was a superposition of design, set conception, content creation and writing, but always fashion-related, directly or indirectly. I also love photography a lot, I try to improve.

  • What is MARMIERs key word, according to you?

JC: I’d say « simplicity », to choose only one…

Simplicity in minimalistic cuts;

Simplicity in natural, quality materials;

Simplicity in local conception and making,

Simplicity in the absence of seasonal collections;

Simplicity in our approach’s unpretentious sobriety;

Simplicity in our photo shoots, with humans we admire;

Simplicity in customer’s service and our team’s availability.

MEE: Absolutely, it perfectly sums up MARMIER.

  • What inspires you?

MEE: A mix between heritage and modernism… We like to say that I bring the classic and sober DNA, and that Jessica supplies minimalistic and contemporary genes. Our inspirations come as well as from today’s street wear and more traditional pieces of wardrobe; a return to the basis of clothing, to quality, to noble materials.

JC: On our board at the studio, photos of architecture, objects, installations, visual arts and natural/botanical art compete for the space. We are also very sensitive to local artists: illustrators, designers, musicians… Montreal is full of talents !

  • What are your plans for the future?

MEE: We currently work on several women pieces… Stay tuned!

JC: MARMIER is a line that changes and progresses constantly following our wishes and inspirations. We’ll see where it brings us !