• Could you please present yourself ?

Born in 1975. I went to Claremont Graduate University where is 30 minutes away from Los Angeles.

I received MFA there. I like cooking, reading magazines, hunting the antique goods, surrounded by nature. I like forrest. I am easy-going person.

• When did you start your works ?

I started art in my early age. I got really into watercolor when I was 7 and then woodblock printing later on. I loved creating something but I never thought about being an artist or anything.  All I wanted was to be out of Japan and traveling around the world…

• What are your inspirations ?

Nature, textile pattern, traditional craft, color from the movie.

• What is your favourite color ?

It’s hard to pick one. I like all color but maybe blue.

• Is it possible to see your works in Paris ?

I would love to show my works in Paris. I have been Europe but not in Paris yet. My dream place to have an exhibition.

• What are your projects for the future ?

A lot of projects that I want to do, making books, creating large paintings and making textile, having an art show in my dream city in Paris!!!