• Could you please present yourself ?
I’m Molly Cranna, I’m 27 – originally from Boston, but have lived in Los Angeles for ten years.  I’m an extrovert, but can be somewhat shy with new people.
  • Where did you get this interest for photography and design ?
My dad is a professional photographer and I started shooting black and white 35mm in high school.  I then went to USC (The University of Southern California) for film production and started shooting digitally during my sophomore year.  After graduation, I worked various jobs in film production until making a full transition to still photography in 2012.
  • What is the key word of your work ? 


  • What are your inspirations ?

People: Tim Walker, Donna Trope, Jason Kim, Jamie Chung, Billy Kidd, Justin Fantl, Maurizio Cattelan.  Things : Dentist’s offices, neoprene, South Beach architecture, dollar stores.

  • What is your favourite picture and why ? 
Ever?  This is an impossibly difficult question, but I pretty much love every photo by Rog Walker.
  • It it possible to buy one of your pictures and where ? 
You can email me about purchasing prints or license my work for usage through Offset Images.
  • What are your future projects ? 
Really focusing on my beauty work right now – continuing to elevate that portfolio, while shooting still lifes and portraits for a variety of commercial and editorial clients.