• Could you please describe yourself in a few words ?

I am Mustafa Boga. I am based in the UK and Turkey. I completed my masters degree in 2016 from
Central Saint Martins in London after studying for an MA in Fine Art. I also obtained
another masters degree from Greenwich University in London after studying an MA
in Cinematography and Post Production. Before that, I achieved a bachelors degree
from Istanbul University after studying at the Faculty of Communication and

    • You just spent few months in Lisbon for a residency, what do you think
      about this city ?

I enjoyed my time in Lisbon very much. I was there during winter but the city was
warm with the promise of summer, amazing sunsets and architecture offered
possibilities to get inspirations in the outdoor settings. You can feel its antiquity
clinging to every corner, especially in the district of Alfama. The texture of the city
offers an amazing colours arrangement and those seem very natural. I got a lot of
inspiration just by walking for hours.

    • Where do you find your inspiration ?

I am interested in the boundaries that separate the viewing of events as a witness and
my desire to tell stories. I have a background in journalism and film and have brought
these skills into play in my fine art practice. My work is a way of narrating my
background both emotionally and culturally, not just as portraying with images, but
how they are reserved and recollected in my mind. They are inspired by family
history, childhood memories and personal experiences.

  • There is a strong connection between art, design and fashion in your
    artworks, could you confirm it ?

Yes, we can connect those them because my work also involves using traditionally
feminine, domestic applied craft techniques such as fabric printing, quilting,
embroidery and sewing to bring a dialogue between craft and fine art. At the same
time, my performances are being developed into video or photo works, which display
both vulnerability and wit. In my performances I create outfits that can have fashion
statements. I also make collages and in this type of work I contract scenes of
different setting and I create a new way of seeing things together. I design to find my
imaginary world.

  • What are your upcoming projects ?

After the residency in Lisbon I decided to carry on working on textile and see how
further I can explore this material. I want to see the possibilities and flexibilities it
offers. At the moment I am constantly sewing portraits in my home studio. At the
same time working on a performance piece which I am building a platform for. Next
year I have and art residency in Armenia and I will attend a performance event in Mexico.
But for now, you could discover soon part of my works online on The Other Shop.