• Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Sophie Johnen, I’m 35 years old. I went to HEC Belgium (Business School), with a major in International Management. I live in Liege in Belgium. I am the creator of MYA BAY jewelry. I’m both creative and sales and marketing executive. I admire artists and intellectual personalities a lot. My friends are what’s most important to me. I like to have different types of friendships from different backgrounds. I love travelling and if I could live for a year in every country it would be happiness! As a matter of fact, the Wanderlust bracelet defines this desire, a strong desire to discover the world.

  • Where does this interest for jewelry come from?

When I was a student I didn’t have a lot of money. I realized that with an accessory you could immediately look stylish without going broke, whether it’s a bag, jewelry, shoes or a scarf. I’ve always worn my mother or grandmother’s jewelry. I started by running a jewelry store in Maastricht, which carried brands more or less well known, and then I started creating. For the quotations, I wrote everything in my daybook, every nice sentence I heard and seemed pertinent to me. My friends used to make fun of me back then. For me, MYA BAY jewelry represents the rock and roll side I like even if I’m not really like that.

  • What is MYA BAY’s operative word in your mind?

I wanted to say something “solar”. BAY is the pontoon, the beach, vacations. And MYA is a mix of my mother’s first name and Maya Bay a splendid beach I love in Thailand. They won’t change even exposed to salt water and the mix and match is another tenet of our collections.

I wanted some affordable bracelets –less than 50 euros—easy to mix with the festival bracelets.

With our 3-way fastening system, meaning 3 different sizes for easy adaptability, our MYA BAY bracelets are designed for every woman and every wrist.

  • What is your favorite model in your current collection and why?

My favorite model? It’s complicated it depends on my moods.

  • What are your future projects?

We are focusing on international markets. Already we are present in 400 stores, in 20 countries.

We will be at the next Who’s next Première Classe (1st class) trade-show in Paris. The new collection will be launched in September. We look forward to presenting it to you!