• Could you please present yourself ?

My name is Suzanne Potts and I am the founder and creative director of Nomess Copenhagen. I have a MA in Business,language and Culture, and I have always been doing startup jobs.

My first job was doing PR and marketing for The Danish Center for Architecture. Then I started up a subsidiary for a Danish shop decoration company in Paris, and last I did communication and marketing for The Danish Foreign Ministry.

These jobs gave me knowledge and skills, witch I could use as aself-employed. I started Nomess Copenhagen 9 years ago and my husband Henrik joined 6 years ago. We have different skills but the same interest for good design, and we quickly realised that our competences complement each other.

  • Where did you get this interest for art and design ?

I grew up with design, so the interest is a part of my family and has always been there. Through my previous jobs I saw all kinds of art architecture and design, but the idea of starting my own business and developing my own products came after returning from Paris, where I was living with my family for six years. Coming back to Denmark I felt an urgent need for beautiful, practical storage solutions, but I discovered a huge gap in the market for design products of good quality and a fair price.

  • What is the key word of your work ?

The key word is organizing. Organizing your belongings is something that I appreciate very much, and if I can accomplish bringing some of the mess in order I feel a certain happiness and release. With that being said it also became clear to me that design was a big part of the necessity for order. The functionality in organizing objects can’t stand alone it simply needs aesthetics to function. Those two qualities are the foundation of Nomess Copenhagen.

My design is colorful, minimalistic, simple and functional. All products are designed for the single purpose of making everyday life easier.

  •  What are your inspirations ?

I find my inspiration from a variety of different things. First of all I observe people in their everyday life. Furthermore I pick out elements from art, architecture and fashion and combine them into a context, which I feel suits the mode of expression of Nomess Copenhagen.

For me travel is a powerful inspiration, because I experience new cultures and another way of seeing life up close. There are also social media, where talented people post inspiring things on

Instagram or Pinterest, but for me the strongest source of inspiration is observing my surroundings.

  • What is your favorite object and why ?

It is really difficult for me to choose one product, because I have been involved so deeply with the product development with every single one of our products – even with the products developed by external designers. If I have to choose it would probably be the Balsabox Personal because it is an iconic design for Nomess, where both the design and the functionality work as intended. I designed this product after seeing my daughter and her friends getting ready for a party and really needing something to gather and organize their things in.

Another favourite of mine is the Only One Table designed by Bénédicte de Lescure from France. This product represents a new time for Nomess Copenhagen, where the essence of organizing generates a natural expansion to other lifestyle products where furniture is a part of the future for Nomess.

  • What are your future projects ?

I can’t reveal the upcoming projects, but Nomess Copenhagen is evolving all the time. We will continue to expand our collections such as workspace, bath and storage. In addition to that, new collections will come and cover new areas of interior design, and you will see even more lifestyle products.