Oh Seven Days

  • Could you please present yourself ?

My name is Megan Mummery, I am 31 years old and I am the founder and designer of the womenswear label Oh Seven Days. I was born in Canada in 1987 and moved to Australia at the age of 9. After completing a marketing degree in Australian I packed up and moved to London UK where I started my love affair with design and textiles.

I enrolled in pattern design at London College of Fashion and started working for various designers to gain as much experience as possible. In 2014 I moved to Istanbul and launched the label Oh Seven Days after stumbling across a unique opportunity to create sustainable womenswear. The label had a humble beginning and consisted of just a few samples. Each season we’ve managed to grow our collections and sales quite organically. I’m in charge of all the designing and pattern making as it’s my favourite form of meditation.

  • Where did you get this interest for fashion ?

I think I’ve always had an interest in creating things. That interest didn’t translate into fashion specifically until I moved to London. It was there I was surrounded by interesting and creative people and I began to understand that a career didn’t necessarily have to be a 9-to-5 office job. I think London also pushes you to step outside your conform zone and certainly gave me the confidence to go down a career path that I once thought was unattainable.

I also love the way clothing can transform one’s mood and portray a silent message. It’s a way to design beautiful creations that infiltrate people lives a little more thoroughly than most other designer items.

  • What is the key word of your work and why ?

The name Oh Seven Days not only comes from our concept of 7 pieces collections but is also plays on our favourite Turkish word ‘Seven’, which means ‘one who loves’. It sums up the passion for the work we do quite adequately.

I’d also have to add ‘feminine’ as another key word I consider when designing each collection. Not the more conventional meaning of the word, but more so the modern idea of everything that encompasses it.

  • What are your inspirations ?

My inspiration for the label in general comes from the everyday women I see around me. Inspiration for the individual pieces can come from a variety of sources. I like to put together a colour palette pretty early on in the design phase. This generally comes from nature, cities, or architecture etc. I’m also more interested florals at the moment. I think they are the ultimate inspiration for garment design, not only due to their colours but their shape and fluidity as well.

  • What are your future projects ?

We are currently working on some exciting new knitwear pieces for our winter collection. We’re collaborating with some talented female artists to create a few special limited-edition pieces. We’d like to one day expand into accessories, adding footwear or bags to our range would be my goal!