• Could you please present yourself in few words ? 

My name is Celina, 26 years old. I am the PAUL GISÈLE‘s founder. I was born in Picardie near Chantilly where I’ve spent all my childhood and my youth. I’ve been to Paris to study fashion and I decided to stay.

I am fashion stylist for 5 years for different brands and parisian agencies. I also work as graphic designer and illustrator sometimes.

I am a workaholic and a passionate person. I like to collect old pictures, beautiful brands, swimming suits and vintage underwear.

I work alone on PAUL GISÈLE but I am addicted to my best friends, I always ask for their advices. 🙂

  • Where did you get this interest for fashion ?

I don’t really know, I love get beautiful clothes. When I was young, I was happy to discover if my mum made shopping for my brother and I during her lunch break !

I liked a lot my Barbies, I kept all their panoply with love and I never lost one of their little shoes !


It came from my grandfather and my grandmother whose names are  Paul and Gisèle. They mean a lot to me. I wanted to get my ADN in my brand. And also because I love their names.

  • What is the key word of  PAUL GISÈLE for you ?

PAUL GISÈLE is a ready-to-wear brand which propose timeless shapes. I’d like to offer a chic and feminine line with no age.

  • What are your inspirations ?

All women inspire me. Their attitudes, their expressions and their looks and also their past. I have a lot of photobooks that I like to watch everyday.

  • What is your favourite modele of this first collection ?

It’s hard to tell because I love each one. But I have a crush on the Simone dress. You can wear it in winter or summer, by day ou by night. I like buy fashion easy to wear everyday.

  • What are your future projects ?

I would like to design a small range of PAUL GISÈLE wedding dresses , maybe for next summer !