• Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

We are Pauline and Raphaëlle, we are 28 and 27 respectively. We are the founders of the Paulette et Simone brand. We met through a common friend who was tired of seeing us create each in her corner without really daring to get started.
The chemistry happened right away and since then we’ve been spending our days creating and realizing the models of our collection. Our stories are similar even if we come from different schools.
Raphaëlle: Me, I went to the Duperré School in Paris then I went for a Masters at the Fine Arts art and sewing workshop. Beside PAULETTE ET SIMONE I work as a photographer’s assistant.
Pauline: Since I lived a long time in Switzerland, I studied there, 2 years at ECAL in Lausanne before finishing them in Paris at ESAM Design where I got a Masters in art direction.

  • What is PAULINE ET SIMONE’s operative word in your mind?

DARING! Daring to play with materials, colors, prints that are out of the ordinary as well.

  • What is your favorite bag in the current collection?

Raphaëlle: The bag in faux suede and black faux fur, that’s our best one.
Pauline: Me, at the moment I pick the hound’s tooth bag.

  • What are your future projects?

Pauline: Meeting our customers this weekend in Paris and launching our e-shop! And we are full of ideas like creating a new shape of bag and dig deeper in using materials like leather.
Raphaëlle: Yes, launching our e-shop, offering more new models to our customers and proposing our products to some points of sale so we can be closer to our clientele. It’s already the case, for example in Rouen where the PAULETTE ET SIMONE bags are available at La Suite.