• Could you please present yourself ?

My name is Jasmine Kroeze and I am 29 years young. I am the director and designer for Pinch & Punch. After school I studied Fashion Design, then worked in the design room for Pumpkin Patch for 4 years. My husband and I then decided to travel through Asia and Europe, settling in Amsterdam for a year. I interned for a Dutch designer for a few months and also worked in a retail store. This experience really solidified my aspirations to launch my own brand. After travelling through Africa and India, I returned home to New Zealand and decided to pursue experience in fashion production, which I did for 3 years before beginning the adventure that is Pinch & Punch.

  • Where did you get this interest for fashion ?

I was born in New Zealand to Dutch parents who emigrated in the 70’s. My mother always made my clothes and I would draw her designs and ask her to make them for me. She then taught me how to sew and the fundamentals behind pattern alterations. I suppose it was natural to for me to go on to study Fashion Design.

  • What is the key word of your work ?

People :

-Being kind to the people who make Pinch & Punch with fair labour.
-Supporting the local people by being New Zealand made.
-Collaborating with people I admire.
-Listening to the feedback from people who buy Pinch & Punch.
-Being mindful of the fabrics used and the negative effects that some fabrics can have on people and the planet.
– Designing with the people who wear Pinch & Punch in the forefront of my mind.

  • What are your inspirations ?

Design is a continual process of the betterment that is creativity. A constant movement of refining and evolving.
The design concept is one of longevity. I am designing garments for people to live in and to enjoy for years. Each element is highly considered and tweaked according to feedback from customers.

  • What is your favourite piece of the actual collection and why ?

The drape jumpsuit. The concept was born out of a photographer friend telling me how frustrating it was to find something to wear while she photographed weddings. She wanted something that she could bend and move in without being revealing, something that had pockets. I created a jumpsuit that looks like a flowing dress, that is reversible and is complete with pockets. That smile on her face the first time she put the sample on, that is the reason I design.

  • What are your future projects ?

Zero waste is the main goal. Currently I am working on ways to use the off cuts of fabrics that are left over from some of our pieces. It’s still in development and there are some interesting collaborations on the horizon. Stay tuned!