• Would you introduce yourself in a few words? 

Sandra, 29 years old, fashion designer, graduate from ESMOD. Originally from Lyon, I came to Paris 7 years ago and worked at high-end houses such as Carven (accessory development) and Kitsuné (collection director) before starting my own project. A project close to my heart, that’s been driving me since the end of my studies and that I took the time to build and develop during years of experience.

  • Where does this interest for fashion come from?

First and foremost, I love drawing, ever since I was a kid. From drawing to creating, fashion and design allow me to go further, to bring ideas to life and put them into some kind of reality, a technical world, and a life cycle. Today I bring my drawings to new territories such as the visual world, communication, distribution… and I love it; it’s infinite.

  • What is PLEASE PARIS ’s operative word in your mind?

Independence. Because being the only one on top of my project, I can handle and redefine it indefinitely. I’m not part of a trend, not even of a specialty. Please Paris is bound to explore many things and evolve in a “lifestyle” feel, more than just a simple brand.

  • What are your inspirations?

I’m very sensitive to all that surrounds me: current events, daily life, cinema, my friends… all sources of inspiration that I can’t really define but that I try to translate naturally in my collections.

  • What is your favorite model in your current collection and why?

I love the flat Alexa with the zipper on the instep, offbeat, easy and elegant. For the F/W15 I picked them in black foal for evenings and glitter for daytime. 😉

  • Where can we find the PLEASE PARIS  collection?

The new F/W15 collection will be available upon order via the e-shop or directly at the showroom in Paris.

A selection will also be sold at Takashimaya in Japan and Centre Commercial in Paris 10th.

  • What are your future projects?

A model for men –very impatiently awaited– as early as next season and a line of leather accessories. A big event, video projects and cool collaborations to come!