POLDER II // La nouvelle exposition GLASSBOX

  • Could you present yourself ?

I’m Hélène Garcia, I am 28. I was born in Paris and I grew up there. In 2012, I graduated in Fine Arts in Paris; in parallel with my visual arts activity, I set up several projects as curator, and I’ve been working for the Glassbox artspace for a year.

  • What is the Glassbox ?

Glassbox was founded in 1997 by former students of Fine Arts. It is in a manner of speaking the first artist-run French artspace still in business. I’m one of three (with Clémence Agnez and Adrienne Louves) working there full-time, assisted by a project manager and volunteers.

Glassbox supports new contemporary creatives: we aim to help young artists to emerge, by offering them an initial exposure as a step in the professionalisation process of artists we choose to host. For this purpose we make several calls for participation in our annual programming as well as issuing invitations.

Up to February 15th we are calling for participation in “Great shape”, which allows artists or curators to occupy our artspace for a short period (3 days maximum, with a fixed budget), and thus to present their work or project for the first time. Soon (+/- mid-March) we will launch a second call for our in-situ residence: the Estive. For the entire month of August, an artist or group will occupy the space in the rue Moret and develop a project related to the environment or the morphology of the place. In September we will hold an exhibition of his or her or their work.

  • What is the key word of POLDER II ?

For the second edition of the POLDER program, the keyword would be “everyday”. The principle of POLDER is to order objects to be produced by artists or designers who are then invited into our space in a “subterranean” way, i.e., without an official launch. The objects are part of our everyday decor; they surround us. At the end of the year they will lose their use-value and be presented as works in a group exhibition. So for example after the opening I won’t be able to hang my coat on “Twisting” (by Adrien Goubet) any longer when I arrive at Glassbox, and Clemence will have to get used to her old desk all over again after adopting “Trail” (by Louis Gary).

  • What are your future projects ?

I’m taking part in Elsa Philippe’s project “The Mercury Theater” to be presented in a group exhibition at the Christophe Gaillard Gallery from Saturday, January 23rd. A second group show, ONLY LOVERS, is scheduled for late January at Heart, curated by Timothy Chaillou, who is bringing together about 150 artists. As for Glassbox: after POLDER II, a very secret project will be launched in March – #staytuned. 😉