POLDER II // La nouvelle exposition GLASSBOX

  • Could you present yourself ?

Laura O’Rorke, 27, I’m a visual artist and performer. I came through a Fine Arts course in Nantes in 2010 and in Cergy in 2013, and I am currently working in a workshop in Saint-Ouen called the Wonder. I build up a work based around performance with a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach. I am interested in the relationship between art and the sacred, ritual, tribal society and futurism. I just returned from a residency called Kyta in the Himalayas where I took part in making a film with 10 French and Indian artists.

  • Where did you get interest in art ?

“To experience the world as an immense museum of oddities.” –Giorgio de Chirico

  • What are your inspirations ?

My inspirations come mainly from my present and future travels and my obsession with the interactions between people, between art and the senses, and from a desire to break down the barriers to creation.

Some names :

The norse mythology of Fever Ray

The bionic techno opera of Matthew Barney

The science fiction of J. G. Ballard

Roger Caillois and the Museum of Mineralogy

The carnivals in Bolivia and Dunkirk and elsewhere

The entire works of Alexander McQueen

  •  What is your favourite piece that you present on POLDER II ?

For Polder II, I chose crystallized ceramics that belong precisely to the Téloméris project which I’ll explain below. They are part of a set of 100 ceramics which I’m creating. They are a reference to J. G. Ballard’s Crystal World, and they’ll be activated in due course by a culinary performance.

  • What are your future projects ?

For a year now, I have been preparing a triptych of performances built around a science fiction novel, in collaboration with the producer François X and supported by Glassbox. This project is called Téloméris; and since it is a cross between opera, writing, music, contemporary dance and gastronomy, it represents in a relatively complete way my intentions and my relationship to art.