• Could you briefly introduce yourself ?

I’m Justin Fabian, designer and founder of the PYRAMYD EYEWEAR creative business. I live in Paris, but I am from Haute-Savoie originally. I graduated with a Master’s in communication. I’m the kind of person who has a thousand ideas a minute and I like to improve myself as fast and as far as possible. As for designing and sketching glasses, I taught myself how to do that, and then I got together with a very talented craftsman and very good raw material suppliers.

• Where does this interest in fashion and sunglasses come from ?

I have always been attracted by beautiful objects, in fashion and in contemporary furniture. The interest in sunglasses came when I realized that the ones available on the market were often either too bland or too bling-bling. I’ve always loved drawing, and I started to make my first sketches. Gemstones that were discreet but precious seem to be the perfect combination of neutrality, elegance and originality.

• What would you say is the watchword of PYRAMYD EYEWEAR ?

PYRAMYD EYEWEAR sunglasses are for me modern, and contemporary, and I want them to become almost iconic due to their rarity.

• What are your inspirations ?

The sunglasses frames are inspired by the decorative arts of the 30s with a Latin soul inside, because the materials used – acetate and cellulose – are sourced from Mazzuccelli, a provider based near Milan. The glasses are then manufactured in the Jura by a skilled artisan who specializes in high-end sunglasses.

I also draw my inspiration from traveling, whereby I have a special liking for India, Australia and South America.

What are your future projects ?

I would like to diversify the PYRAMYD EYEWEAR brand by combining sunglasses with new materials that will get more surprising every time. But above all to continue to be creative and innovative, that’s my motto.