• Could you introduce yourself  in a few words ?

RA+RE is a project that has always been close to my heart as it combines the two sectors that inspire me the most: music and fashion. I was looking for the right girl buddies to start it with. It was in New York that I first met Jessie and Claire, with whom and thanks to whom I was able to carry out this great project.

Claire Abitbol, French, 30, who studied at the EBS, is our PR, she is lively and spontaneous, she’s our social girl. She works on RA+RE Records with Jessie & me. Jessie Dib, 27, Venezuelan, is hardworking and creative, she studied fashion at SCAD, so she is the one who has all the technical background in fashion. Together we have designed and developed RA+RE Clothing.

As for me, I am French, 26 years old, I studied marketing, and the business side of fashion, I bring this methodical and meticulous side to RA+RE, but I have a vivid imagination especially with regard to the evolution and development of the label as a whole.
I would never have been able to complete this project without the girls, we really complement each other.

• Where does this interest in fashion come from ?

Fashion allows us to give an image to our personality. I think that is important today. That’s why I wanted to create a clothing brand that fits our lifestyle and our record label RA+RE Records.

• What would you say is the keyword for RA+RE Clothing ?

Elegance and underground, RA+RE Clothing and RA+RE Records are truly related entities, products bearing the name of our artists, and what we want is to create a community of girls who love the style of minimal-house music we play. It is difficult in the techno music milieu to find brands that look like ours. This is what we want to offer with RA+RE Clothing.

• What are your inspirations ?

No special inspiration, just ourselves, the whole team of RA+RE girls that is getting bigger and bigger all the time … The taste and style of each member is our greatest source of inspiration.

• What is your favorite piece from your first collection?

The Yasmin coat (Yasmin is our resident Berlin DJ), long, black, soft (it’s cashmere!) and warm. It illustrates our concept perfectly.

Where can we find the RA+RE Clothing collection ?

It’s available on our e-shop, just freshly launched on October 20th.

• What are your future projects ?

RA+RE will continue to deploy its concept as we go along …

The next step is opening a concept store in Paris bringing together the sale of our RA+RE Clothing designs, a record store with listening area and sales space for the vinyl records which the RA+RE team have meticulously selected, and a corner snack bar with original products.