• Could you please present yourself ?

Nadia, the founder of ROCK THE KILIM, I worked in fashion and  I am design lover ( close linked ) who has a special and strong story with Marocco since her childhood.

  •  Where did you get this interest for rugs ?

My Berber grandmother who weaved rugs.

  • What is the  ROCK THE KILIM keyword for you ?

Not a keyword but a play on words to change of the traditional way of “kilim” which means “weaved rug”.

  • What are your inspirations ?

Travels, colors, my grandmother and Berber traditions.

  • What is your favourite modele of this collection ?

I don’t have a favourite modele, I only  have a preference for all Azilal for their colors and their unperfect grounds that’s what makes it so attractive .

  • What are your future projects ?

After the opening of the pop-up store 12 rue Ramey in Paris, I will make other pop-up stores in France and in Europe.