• Could you please present yourself in a few words ?

I am Romain Jeantet, a french independent designer living in Lisbon for 3 years. I’m specialized in customized furnitures and also in the creation of original spaces for bars, restaurants etc. around the world. 

  • How this interest for design was borned and why did you choose wood more than another material ?

The housing is a private space, a one that we open sometimes to people. I love the equivocal relation that the human can have with an object. That one can be a symbol, an artwork or a tool…

The wood is a particular affinity that I have built with time at my studio. It’s a reachable utopian material  and you have to learn  how to use it on the good way and to tame it.

  • What are your inspirations ?

My passion for the post-war period and all design pioneers like Eames, Prouvé, Perriand or Castiglioni always have an impact on my work. It has been always like this. 

  • How do you choose materials that you will use ?

I’m obsessed by industrial production technologies. For example, just the fact to visit a fabric can be for me an infinite source of inspiration.

Some materials touch me. 

  • If you had three key words to describe your work ?

Simplicity, utility, graphic design.

  • What are your future projects ?

To keep going on my standard products range, creating new pieces. I have a new project for a restaurant in Milan and a four meters table in St Tropez for a private client…