• Could you introduce yourself in a few words ?

My name is Ella Perdereau, I created Suprême Bon Ton in 2013. I studied styling and design. For my lookbooks, I work a lot with the photographer Florent Tanet.

I have lots of references but some are recurrent. I’m very inspired by Poliakof’s colors and compositions, but also American abstract expressionists.

Ina Jang or Viviane Sassen’s photos… Bauhaus drawings, are in my references too. Tati’s films, that I particularly appreciate for their singularity and their ironic, very futuristic vision. And the moments of life that appear in Barbara Constantine’s novels are escorting my trips.

• Where does this interest for graphic design come from ?

I grew up in a small eight-hundred- people village in Touraine, France. My neighbors were mostly former parisians. I loved visiting one my cousins that used to work at the Opéra de Paris. We spent a lot of time exploring her attic that was full of fabrics, buttons and trimmings. A genuine Ali Baba’s cave for a 6-year child. Together we spent our wednesday afternoons making clothes for my dolls, and scarves for me. I loved wrapping myself in these fabrics!

Another neighbor had been restorer at the Louvre, my love for color probably comes from this nice encounter.

Then I travelled a lot, I discovered shapes colors, crafting methods, and above all make unforgettable encounters especially in India. The thematic got more and more precise with my researches. The mineral aspect particularly interested me and it was a subject I wanted to approach as much in graphic design as in textile. The subject passionates me, it obsesses me. Meteorite is a metaphoric, poetic dimension of stone. It was the topic I wanted to work on.

My working method is based on collecting documents. I see a picture, an artist, a pattern I like and I embark on great researches. I go a lot to the library

I gather images from books, unusual objects and strange matters. Then I classify and I number my precious collections. Some kind of an inventory in which I add a lexical field. It helps me finding words, this way I appropriate to myself my works and wishes’ language.

Then I paste, I cut, I take pictures and I draw. Creation is done gradually. Composition work is important and is done from dozens of drawings and photographs I make from my research work. After textile, I wanted to let my imagination evolve to other materials, to offer a surface, colors and matters work. That’s why I collaborate with a ceramicist, an cabinetmaker, a designer…

• What is SUPRÊME BON TON’s key word, according to you ?

Suprême Bon Ton is a parisian creation studio. Firstly oriented on textile printing through a scarf collection, made and printed in France, accompanied by multidisciplinary artistic projects. With a game between collage and drawing, I offer an enhanced universe, an ethereal palette, like an invitation to discover a raw, surrealist world. So the keyword is surrealist!

• What piece do you prefer in your actual collection ? Why ?

I like to wear the Galactic silk scarf, this year, it brought a lot of luck to the brand!

But I also like the objects created thanks to the different collaborations with craftsmen. I have them all on my desk, like a small curiosity display.

What are your plans for the future ?

I’m preparing a big surprise for Suprême Bon Ton’s 3 years, in september! I have a show with my textile collective Banco Studio ( at this year’s Paris Design Week in september, and I’ll continue set design.